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  • You can expect twice the life versus lesser brands.
    A combination of GreenPRO’s thicker gauge steel framing, gusseting, .040 exterior skin and field testing will give you two times the life of other brands. In addition we protect the interior with womanized flooring and 12” kickplate, wheel box and rear tube cornerpost guards. Expect the best return on your investment from Bravo!
  • You can expect much less down time versus lesser brands.
    After building thousands of commercial trailers, we have all but eliminated common failures. Better framing, wiring, a-frames and ramp doors equal less down time, making you more money and not disappointing customers. And if you need parts our dedicated customer service team will get them to you quickly.
  • Your crews will be safer and more efficient with our translucent roof.
    Our standard translucent roofing – the same as in delivery trucks – means your crews can quickly find what they’re looking for. An added bonus is the increased safety from clearly seeing what’s in the trailer, eliminating tripping, cuts and bruises. And the better visibility protects your expensive equipment, too!

  • Our great looking trailers are a rolling billboard for your business.
    Your truck and trailer represents who you are and is a rolling billboard advertising for your business. GreenPRO trailers not only look better with their truck body styling, they will look great longer with their .040 exterior skin and rockguard coated exterior steel. Looking like a PRO lands profitable customers!

Commercial Quality

GreenPRO trailers by Bravo are not your typical “throw away” enclosed trailers. They have been engineered and tested for the rigors of daily landscape contractor use. Stronger frames, ramp doors, side doors and the features you need to get the job done day in and day out. Bravo Trailers look better and work harder!

Reasons Why Bravo
Is A Better
Landscape Trailer

Five more
Standard GreenPRO Features
for a Commercial Quality Product!


  • 7′ x 14′

    Tandem 3500 lb. axles


    7′ x 16′

    Tandem 3500 lb. axles

  • 8.5′ x 16′

    Tandem 3500 lb. axles


    8.5′ x 20′

    Tandem 5200 lb. axles


* Final shipping allowance will be deducted from above price

Shipping Assistance

  • Trailers are priced FOB Bristol, Indiana. Bravo will provide trailer pick up assistance to help offset the cost of franchises picking up their trailers.
  • Available assistance:

    • Less than 200 miles – $100
    • 200-400 miles – $300
    • 400-600 miles – $450
    • Greater than 600 miles – $600
  • Above shipping assistance dollars can be applied to franchises having their trailers delivered. Trailers can be delivered via single pull or in multiples on wedge style trailers. 2-3 trailers per wedge load is the most cost-effective delivery method.

* Distance is calculated from franchise location to Bristol, IN 46507


Cable Less ramp door$466
Eliminates cables on ramp door, includes all aluminum ramp door with integrated flap

Two tier shelving$935
Steel shelving with ¾” engineered wood shelfs

Spare tire w/ interior wall mount$230
Matching wheel and tire sidewall mounted in upper rear area

EZ charge package
Shelving with outlets and exterior mounted marine plug, leave your battery chargers in the trailer at night and power with a single exterior plug

  • 30 amp single tier shelf and 2 GFI receptacles – $1488
  • 50 amp double tier shelving and 4 GFI receptacles – $1913

Equipment rack package$1522
Equipment Defender racks for common equipment

  • 1 – 4 place trimmer
  • 2 – Backpack blower rack
  • 1 – 5 gallon can rack

Torsion Axles

  • TA2 – $235
  • TA3 – $425

Standard Features All this standard equipment makes GreenPRO the best value!

  • Translucent Roof
    More light equals safety and productivity
  • .040 white prefinished aluminum exterior skin
    30% thicker than .030 for long life and resistance to dents

  • 3M VHB screwless exterior
    Looks great and makes a stronger trailer than screws that might rust
  • DEXTER drop spring axles
    Premium axles with nationwide parts support

  • ¾” womanized floor and 12″ kickplate
    Will hold up to mowers’ wear and tear and protects sidewalls
  • Flow thru sidewall vents
    Moves air to eliminate fumes
  • 6′ 6″ interior height
    Extra height for taller equipment and wall storage
  • 5000# set back A frame jack
    HD jack clears tailgates
  • Rockguard coating on exposed exterior steel and wheel boxes
    Protects steel for long life
  • HD aluminum framed 36” side door w/ barlock and slam lock
    Commercial quality side door built for the use and abuse of crews, others use RV recreational doors
  • 54″ SHD triple tube A-frame with adjustable coupler
    Longer for dump trucks, overbuilt for years of abuse and adjustable coupler for what ever truck you use
  • 7 ga. reinforced front cross member
    Overbuilt to stand up to higher payload trucks

  • 16 O.C. floor, cross, wall and roof members
    For a much beefier trailer frame
  • All Tube rear end, main frame, side and front wall posts
    Tube is much stronger then formed steel parts
  • Black mod style powder coated steel wheels w radial tires
  • HD rear ramp door with spring and flap
    Will take the pounding for years to come

  • HD integrated ramp flap
    GreenPRO’s heavy duty integrated steel ramp flap has rockguard coating for traction and long life


GP714TA2 GP716TA2 GP8516TA2 GP8520TA3
Axles 3500# Spring 3500# Spring 3500# Spring 5200# Spring
6" Tube Frame 16" O.C. 16" O.C. 16" O.C. 16" O.C.
Hitch Ball Size 2-5/16" 2-5/16" 2-5/16" 2-5/16"
Curb Weight 2735# 2985# 3340# 3840#
Hitch Weight 328# 358# 401# 461#
GVWR 7000# 7000# 7000# 9990#
Payload Capacity 4265# 4015# 3660# 5940#
Overall Length 18'-8" 20'-8" 20'-8" 24'-8"
Overall Width 8'-6" 8'-6" 8'-6" 8'-6"
Overall Height 8'-5" 8'-5" 8'-5" 8'-5"
Exterior Box Width 7' 7' 8'-4" 8'-4"
Interior Length 13'-8" 15'-8" 15'-8" 19'-8"
Interior Width 6'-8" 6'-8" 8'-1" 8'-1"
Interior Height 6'-6" 6'-6" 6'-6" 6'-6"
Platform Height 20" 20" 20" 20"
Side Door Width 36" 36" 36" 36"

* Standards and specifications are subject to change

Things do go wrong. If you ever have a warranty claim, we will address it quickly and fairly. We at Bravo Trailers are proud of the products we build and will back them up.

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