Cableless Ramp Door

Bravo is excited to introduce its optional Heavy Duty Cableless Rear Ramp Door. No more tripping over the spring lift cables and the extra maintenance traditional spring assist ramp doors require.

The lift assist comes from a torsion spring at the bottom of the ramp door eliminating the cables and spring assist. Our ramp door features aluminum construction to save weight and eliminates ramp corrosion. The strength comes from the heavy gauge tube construction with 2”x4” outside tubes, just like our aluminum race trailer ramp doors.

The door is rated at 3800# and will handle the largest zero turn mowers with ease. The cableless door also has an integrated steel ramp flap coated with rockguard for easy loading. We know the beating ramp doors receive in the field and built a door that can take it!

Less Maintenance
No Corrosion